The President vs the First Amendment

So a few days ago, President Trump went ballistic because he didn’t like questions from CNN’s Jim Acosta about his immigration policies and the use of US troops to police the border.

There was some minor confusion on the floor as a result.

The next thing anyone knows, Acosta has his press pass suspended. He can’t get to the White House.

The President decided to deny press access to a journalist because he didn’t like the questions that were asked.

I am not going to wander into the legal precedents, there are enough armchair lawyers out there doing that now. But I do want to make sure hat everyone understands what is happening.

The President is attempting to stifle dissent in the press…in the United States.

That is not hyperbole. It’s not an exaggeration. It is exactly what is happening. I mean this has gone far enough that even Fox news, which has supported the President to a point of being a questionable (and that’s charitable) source of news, is even calling foul. It makes sense that they would do so, because they had to use the Federal Court System to get back on the Presidents access list when Obama tried to declare them not news…which sounds like the same thing, but fox news is required by law to call themselves an entertainment network rather than a news network in Canada because their reporting has been shown to be at a lower standard than our northern neighbors tolerate.

But that is a big side bar. Lets get back to what is happening.

President Trump is attempting to stifle dissent by cherry picking which reports do and do not have access to the White House…and this isn’t Joe Schmuckatelli reporting for Relevant Irreverence, Jim Acosta is a well respected journalist from one of the larges news organizations n the planet.

We can’t allow this.

In my opinion, this action reaches a level that Congress should immediately get involved. Our President swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, but he is steadily attacking it instead.

So do the thing you do. Yell about it, write your Congressman, discuss it online, but stay engaged. Be involved in the political process. It is how things get done…and it is one of your basic rights under attack. Don’t give it up like this.

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