The cost of war.

Every time a politic discussion gets remotely heated…or even gets to a likely impasse, some moron in the back of the proverbial room shouts:

Civil War!

like they have 50,000 troops standing by to invade the backyard of whomever they happen to be disagreeing with at the moment.

Lets be real. First off, there honestly isn’t an issue currently being discussed that reaches anywhere near that magnitude of a response.

But lets pretend that there is something that big on the horizon. Even then, I would tell you to think long and hard before taking that route.

Its not enough that war would destroy our countries infrastructure. The famine, disease, and poverty that would follow are unimaginable.

Americans aren’t self sufficient anymore. Stores and warehouses seldom have more than a 7 day supply of food on hand because our shipping systems are so efficient. Starvation in the cities would be almost instant.

Our water supply and electrical grid are strained even without sabotage and bombing. Can you imagine most peoples response to not having power for months? Hell better than half the country has electric heat…They would freeze to death before they could even starve.

Anyway, I didn’t do much prep on this (obviously). It is justĀ  thought that occurred when that bullshit flew across my screen in a more or less civil debate. And I thought I would throw this out there.

Maybe someone will read it and reconsider their hyperbole.

Maybe they will read it and start thinking about how to fix our infrastructure, or how to make the country more resilient.

Who knows?

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