The return of Relevant Irreverence

So after making some adjustments to my Real Estate website, I decided that the extra web space I am paying for could go towards me polluting the internet with my random thoughts, opinions, and ravings.

If you look at posts prior to this one, you will see that this website was built on the remnants of Realty with Robb, which is merging with the Blue Ribbon Team web site.

After purging the real estate pages, I considered doing the same with all the old blog posts…. but since they are useful for driving traffic to both web sites…I decided to keep them around.

I hope you enjoy the writing, and other random things I put here…if not that is fine too, but I do hope that you do.

Have a great day.


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About Robb

A husband, Dad to 5, and Grandpa to 9. US Navy Vet. 18 Year Postal Employee turned full time Realtor. I enjoy a wide variety of things, but you will find that here I mostly write about Indianapolis, government/politics, recent news, and whatever book I am reading or have just finished at the moment.
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