Real Estate: Take advantage of the sellers market of a lifetime!

Take advantage of this strong home sellers market!

Folks, there is no other way to put this. If you are considering selling your home and you haven’t called me to get that house listed on the market yet, you are missing the  opportunity of a lifetime. We are in the strongest sellers market central Indiana has seen in years. As one of my colleagues recently quipped, there are currently more Realtors in MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors). In addition to a limited number of homes listed for sale, the buyers that started coming back to shop for houses in 2014 are still coming out in droves. So it is time or you to list your home.

Because I am a professional Realtor that wants to give you every possible advantage when listing your home, I have put together some resources to help you get your home sold.

The first thing you need when you are going to list your home for sale, is to have a professional comparative market analysis done so that you KNOW the best selling price to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. I know that you are tempted to just give a glance over one of the commercial home sales sites and give it a stab yourself. But here is the thing, there is a lot more to pricing a home than just knowing what your neighbor got for his. The truth is pricing a home for sale in the market is 80% math/data and 20% knowing the market and what features make people spend more money. At any rate, whether you actually can do it yourself or not is moot. The reason for this is because I will come to your home and perform a full comparative market analysis on your home for free and with no obligation to list your home with me. All you have to do is fill in this form and I will contact you to set an appointment. Then BAM! You will know exactly where to price your home for the maximum profit impact.

If you are thinking about selling your home, or if you would just like to know what your home may bring on the open market; fill out the form below and request a CMA on your home.
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How can I afford to give away such a valuable service? 

Because I know that when you realize what a great value all of the other services we provide at the Blue Ribbon Team, you will want to sign on.

For starters, we provide top notch service but we price with the discount brokers!

How do we do that? Its simple. We keep our egos out of the business and we combine our resources (we are a cooperative brokerage…as in we help each other rather than compete in office) so that we can pass along the savings to you. The easiest to explain example of this cooperation vs. competition is that I list my clients homes with my managing broker (and with myself as co-agent), even though it means that I don’t get the advertising benefit on the commercial sites that I would if I listed them separately. This prevents us from double paying for 3 separate services. Rather than being greedy like some offices, we pass that savings and more on to you. It is that simple.

Since I am sure you want to get down to the bottom line. Here it is.

We list homes at 5%*.

That’s right. And because we are all about getting your home sold, we don’t even do an even split. We keep 2% and pay the other 3% to the selling agent (aka the buyers agent). Why do we do that? We pay the buyers agent more than we keep because we want every buyers agent in greater Indianapolis motivated to help us sell your home. So we pay them to appropriately to do so. It may seem like an obvious thing, but you would be surprised how many brokerages think it is acceptable to underpay the buyers agent in this climate of discount home sales. Heck, some of the ones not paying the buyers agents fairly (and hurting their clients prospects of selling their home) are the same ones that list homes fro 6, 6.5, and even 7%.

So we not only pass along the savings to the real estate consumer…we do so while making sure that our home selling clients get the best service available.

What does the best service mean?


That’s right, we include all of it: a sellers consultation, comparative market analysis, a bright and easy to read yard sign, your home listed on MLS, professional photos, open house, specialized property website, targeted marketing to buyers and selling agents, social media marketing, exposure on 900+ websites, 24/7 information systems, feedback systems, home staging, frequent updates, 7 years of free digital document storage, and an accessible agent. So like we said. Full service at discount rates. In addition, we like to go the extra mile in every one of these categories. Here is how.

Home Sellers consultation – During our home sellers consultation, we don’t just sell you on our services like most agents do. We take the time to make sure we educate our clients on the process of selling their home. We let you know exactly what to expect every step of the way, in addition to making sure you know what we are doing every step of the way.

Comparative market analysis – It seems like everyone uses a different method to find selling price. After all, in the market place only the buyer can determine what it actually is. So what I do is use three separate methods to find the price range, and check myself against each of the results. This results in full price offers and a quick home sale for you.

A bright and easy to read yard sign – This seems like a no brainer, but drive around and tell me how many yard signs you see, that you aren’t even sure what it says…and that’s when you park to read it. Here is what my signs look like. You can’t miss them and you know they are for a house is for sale and how to reach us.

Your home listed on MLS – This is another area that seems like it is so basic it shouldn’t have to be noted. But if you have searched for a home recently, then you are aware of how many listings only have vague information or have limited or even no pictures. We list every home like it is going to be hard to sell…so none of them are.

Professional photos – Sometimes when I am searching listings, I wonder how some of these “top level” real estate agents get any business. The pictures of the homes they post aren’t just unprofessional. They are just bad. From terribly lit, to crooked pictures, visible trash, and a poor reflection of even the nicest houses. Like everything I do, I take pride in my work. A quality camera, a wide angle lens, and making sure the home is well represented is all it takes to make a world of difference.

Open house – A lot of clients love open houses. Some of them don’t want them at all. We know that they can sell homes. I make myself  (not a random co agent) available to do open houses for every home I list, if the client chooses to have them.

Specialized property website – We know how important visibility is to getting your home sold. So we take the extra step of using a system that generates a web page specific to every listing we take, in addition to those that are generated from the MLS and the other commercial home listing sites.

Targeted marketing to buyers and selling agents – Just because a home is on the MLS, does not mean that the buyer you are looking for will see it. Because we believe in proactive marketing, we reach out to investors, buyers who are looking for homes similar to yours, and every agent who is actively selling properties in the area of your home…to make sure that anyone who might want to purchase your home knows it is on the market.

Social media marketing – It wont take a very hard search to see how active I am on social media, both marketing my services and the homes we sell. Like I said with the targeted marketing piece, we believe in proactive marketing.

Exposure on 900+ websites – When a home is listed on the MLS, other commercial homes sales eventually populate themselves with the information. Your Realty Link subscribes to a service that “forces” that data out to more than 900 websites. Once again, this gives your listing more opportunity to get sold fast and for top dollar.

24/7 information systems – Ever see one of those “text this number for info” numbers on a real estate sign? We use them.

Feedback systems – We use Centralized Showing Services to arrange all showings. That service includes methods for buyers agents to provide feedback on the home, its condition, or price. we obviously share that information with our clients so that they know how the market is responding to their listing.

Home staging – We provide home staging advice to every one of our listings at no additional charge. Full home staging services are available as well.

Frequent updates – If something happens concerning your home, you will know about it within minutes of me finding out. If nothing happens, I will contact you once a week at the bare minimum. There is nothing more important to any relationship than strong communication.

7 years of free digital document storage – Our broker is required to maintain a file on every home purchase or sale we are involved in for 7 years. We take that a step further and keep those files in a digital format, and make those files available to you at no additional charge. When this service is offered elsewhere, it almost always has an associated fee that is above and beyond the commission you pay.

Accessible agent – I answer the phone. I am working hard for you, so I don’t have any reason to dread your call. I enjoy working with and staying in touch with all of my clients…some for years.

So now that you know what sets the Blue Ribbon Team at Your Realty Link apart from the crowd. Go ahead and order that FREE Comparative Market analysis and let me help you


If you are thinking about selling your home, or if you would just like to know what your home may bring on the open market; fill out the form below and request a CMA on your home.
* indicates required field

Also, because I know some of you are bound and determined to sell your home For Sale By Owner, here is an article on how to sell your home FSBO in 12 easy steps.




*five percent listing subject to minimum of $2500 listing side commission.

**3d virtual tour is available as an ala carte service.

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