Political intelligence.

On of the most frustrating things about being politically active in this new hyper communicative internet age, is that so many people are becoming involved in the conversation at once…after decades of people not discussing politics because it was considered rude: that the conversations get sideswiped so often by what amounts to straight up dumb shit.

Without getting to into the actual circumstances of what happened in Covington Kentucky last week…because bitching about the fact that we are having this conversation is the whole point of this article.

People are wasting political capital on the following:

  • Arguing over whether kids from a place in rural Kentucky that is 79.8% white and have been videoed in black face taunting African American kids are racist or not.
  • Arguing over whether the self professed separatists “Black Isaraelites” are a hate group. Pro tip, they are. they are registered and tracked as such, and they are basically the Black Klan.
  • Trying to decide which turd in the toilet (from any of the three groups represented at this event) stank up the room. The answer is all equally.

In the grand scheme of things. None of those things really matter. All three are pretty obvious to anyone who is being even remotely intellectually honest.

And the whole thing is a distraction from the 4 million issues that are actually affecting our country right now.

So what do you say, that we set this…and every other petty issue aside.

Then we can address the opening the government for business, border security, health care reform, whether or not our President is a Russian puppet, campaign finance reform, our crumbling infrastructure, and all the rest of the things that actually matter.

Do you think we can do that?

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