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Todays post is about the value you should expect of any real estate broker, and how I strive to deliver that value to you.

We start by describing the process of buying or selling a home. When everything goes right, there are still a multitude of things which need to be done and a small mountain of paperwork which needs to be completed and appropriately filed. When things go wrong, that workload quickly multiplies. On top of that you need to know what steps to take in order to rectify the problem before the deal falls apart.

Couple that with the fact that purchasing a home is usually the single largest purchase people ever make…and it is a very important one as your home serves as your fortress against the world, where you will raise your kids in safety and where your happiest memories will be formed.

Doing anything that important, especially when the path to doing it is fraught with so many potential pitfalls, can be extremely stressful.

This is where a great agent such as myself should be of the most value to you.

My job is to streamline the process, walk you through it and remove the stress from the situation as much as one possibly can. Here is how we do it.

First off, we start with strong leadership.

Our managing broker has been in the business for forty years and spent the vast majority of them working as an independent agent. She has sold homes under every conceivable condition and even successfully sold homes in the late seventies and early eighties (for those of you who are not aware of that recession, interest rates were in the upper teens and the housing market spiraled downward as a result). Unlike how things at other offices, she works directly with us, coaching and mentoring us all…and this translates into superior service and agents who can solve whatever problem may arise for our clients in any real estate transaction.

Next, we educate our clients on the process.

From the very first time you meet me, or any agent on The Giles Team or at Your Realty Link you will notice that we work to ensure that you understand the process and what steps we will need to take in order to ensure success.

We listen to your needs.

While this seems like basic customer service…it just doesn’t seem to be the practice in most places anymore. In this industry and many others many companies and individuals try to determine what you need and want buy looking at market trends. We are of the mindset that you know what you want, and you are the best person to find that out from… not market study b from xyz industries. By listening to you share your wants and needs, we remove all of the stress and wasted time and energy that comes with poor communication.

We dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

This is another area that should be assumed to be done by every professional. It’s not though. We, on the other hand, know that by following a process and double checking our documentation, that we can avoid many of the possible pitfalls than can occur when buying or selling a home…so we do it.

We make ourselves available and we follow up on questions.

Everywhere you look (including the front page of this website) you will find my personal email, cell phone number and our office number. I want you to be able to reach out when you have a question. I want to ensure that I get you the best possible answer, and I want you to be confident that you will get it in a timely manner and that it is in fact the best possible answer.

Finally, we are a full service brokerage and we are with you throughout the process.

Cant be home to let the home inspector in? I can take care of that. Need a contractor to put that new carpet so you can get top price? Let me find you a reputable contractor. Not sure what your home is worth? I can do a Comparative Market Analysis or recommend an appraiser if you would prefer. Regardless of the problem or hoop you have to get through, we are there to guide you through it (and sometimes even lower the hoop).

Because of all of these seemingly little things we do, we ensure that our clients have as stress free of a home purchase or sale as is possible…and that is the value that you should expect of any agent who presumes to ask to represent you.

Have a great day.

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