Referrals in Real Estate. Where do they come from?

Referrals and testimonial letters for Realtors

One of the things I enjoy doing, is wandering around real estate websites. Mainly I am looking for marketing ideas, but I have a guilty pleasure. I love reading client testimonials and referral letters. Not because they feel good, only my clients letters give me that. No, I like reading them because I am a little judgmental sometimes and I like to see if I can figure out which ones are BS. More often than not, the fake ones stand out. (This makes me wonder why the local boards don’t fine these brokers for unethical advertising, but I am sure they have reasons.)

The biggest thing that makes them stand out to me is that real estate agents use terms our clients don’t. For instance, when I see a testimonial that refers to “the transaction”….I just assume its made up. Why? Because people don’t talk that way. That is a term we use. Our clients say they bought a house, or sold a house, or closed on a house; but I have never heard one say the word transaction. That is part of our vernacular. There are literally dozens of terms that tip us off, and if you read enough of them you will get a sense of what I mean.

There are also a bunch of other things that make me think a lot of these are fake, but I don’t want to drone on about that.

I would rather share with you a little video I made that is pretty funny too me. It is about one of my favorite fake testimonials. The ones from close family. An employer wouldn’t accept it as a reference and neither should a client….but people slide them in all the time. Anyway, here is the video.

This one was especially fun for me because my brother and I, like most siblings, have a low key Mom loves me more war going on.

By the way, if you want to read some actual client testimonials…go here.

I hope you enjoyed and remember to call Realtor Robb if you are looking to buy or sell a home. 317-657-8059

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