Let’s talk about real estate agent training.

Real Estate Agent Training

One of the biggest concerns for every Realtor…and especially every new agent… should be the amount of training that their office provides. Quite simply, if you go take a real estate license course, pass your state exam, and end up in one of the many, many offices that don’t actually provide the training that every agency claims they do; you are likely going to join the 80% of new agents who do not make it past the first year.

On the other hand, if you work for a company (like YOUR Realty Link) that focuses on new agent development… the only thing that can really stop you from being successful is you.

So for the benefit of people who are thinking about becoming an Indianapolis area real estate agent…or who already are and are not getting the help they need to flourish in their current situation, todays article is going to lay out the type of training and career development provided directly by our managing broker, Janet Giles.

First off, for your first year with the company you will be on Janet’s Mentor Team. This is when you get the one thing that NO other company gives. One on one time with Janet and her 40 years of real estate experience. This is coupled with actual leads that she will work with you on as she walks you through each step of providing our clients the service they want and need. Handling that first deal can be nerve wracking. Having a well seasoned Broker like Janet at your side will give you the confidence you need to pull it off so that you can grow into the job.

As you get more comfortable, you will work more and more on your own but Janet (or one of the other team leads if you prefer) is never more than a phone call away and ready with a solution for whatever situation has gotten in the way of the deal you are putting together.

From day one YOUR Realty Link has FREE training classes. I know that a lot of brokerages offer classes…but there are a couple of major differences here.

First off, like the paragraph headline said, you wont be charged for your training at YOUR realty Link.

The next major difference is what material is covered and how. At most agencies, they are teaching you to be a salesman. They focus on cold calling, and building networks and such. Given our team approach at Your Realty Link, we all learn that from each other every single day. The truth is that while marketing, networking and prospecting for clients is important to learn, learning to take care of your clients by knowing your business is more valuable for building a long term business. So while sales methods are taught and discussed (sometimes even in training classes), the focus of our training is on the actual mechanics of a real estate transaction.

For example, last night (our training is on the second and fourth Thursday of every month) we spent about 2 hours talking about the listing contract. While that may seem like overkill, everyone in the room (including an agent whose license is almost ten years old) learned something that will impact their ability to serve their clients.

This approach will ensure that each and every one of our agents is able to not only survive that first hard year, but will be able to develop a strong business of their own and keep YOUR Realty Link the fastest growing real estate company in central Indiana.

Lastly, we are a team based company. Our company is financially incentivized to operate in a team format. This not only has the benefit of keeping everyone’s costs down by amalgamating them, it also creates a situation where it financially benefits more experienced agents to help develop the less experienced. This allows us to maintain a competitive atmosphere, without the cutthroat politics you will find in most real estate offices.

This level of training and career development is one of the main reasons YOUR Realty Link is the fastest growing real estate company in central Indiana. It is also why we have several agents who have doubled (and even tripled in one case) their production since leaving their former companies.

If you would like to know more about the many opportunities that are available at YOUR Realty Link, give Robb a call at 317-657-8059 or email robb@yourrealtylink.com and lets talk about it over coffee.

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