I figure the best thing I can do for a first post is to introduce myself and this website.

First off, my name is Robb Smith and I am a life long resident of the east side of Indianapolis. Well other than the four years I spent serving in the US Navy, but we will get to that later.

Before we talk about the work I have done, I want to tell you that I am a husband, a dad to five (four of which have crossed that threshold into adulthood, and are starting to find their path), a grandpa to one adorable little girl and have a grandson on the way. I am a family man first and foremost.

Which is why I have worked for the USPS for the last 18 years. While it has never given me the fulfillment that one should expect from doing work that suits you, it has been good steady work. When you have a large family, these things are very important to you. At any rate, over the years I have found additional stimulation through other enterprises. I owned and operated a small screen printing shop for  a few years, served as a Union Steward at USPS for about ten years, I have driven a cab at different periods, became a Permaculture Designer, have given small workshops on Permaculture, hosted a podcast, dabbled in web design, experimented with real estate investing… and as lists get boring after a touch I will leave it to say that I am an industrious individual who loves learning and being challenged.

So I decided I need to do work that will fulfill me in those ways, and provide a sense of bringing value into peoples lives. Given that I have a close friend who was already in Real Estate and I had interest in it, I sought both his and his mother’s (Janet Giles, my managing broker and real estate mentor) counsel. After a few conversations I realized that this career was a perfect fit for me and after some tough thought I didn’t just walk into a new career, I jumped into it. Over the last several months I have completed the license process, spent time studying the processes, joined the national state and local Board of Realtors (NAR, IAR and MIBOR respectively) and gotten hip deep into actually listing properties and helping buyers get ready to buy.

Given that I have previously done some web work with my screen printing company and with Permaculture (DIY Food Supply if you are into that sort of thing.) I decided that maintaining a strong web presence through blogging in addition to our companies websites (Your Realty LinkandThe Giles Team respectively) would be a good way of marketing myself, our company and provide additional value to our potential clients and other home buyers/sellers.

Which brings us to this site and what you can expect of it.

First and foremost you can expect to find full and detailed descriptions of listings that are being sold by my clients, clients of The Giles Team and clients of Your Realty Link as a whole. They are the main reason all of this exists.

Next you can expect to find regular articles featuring tips on home buying and home selling. From finance to inspection to hunting for deals to pricing your home to staging a house for sale…we will talk about these subjects and more with concise clarity, so that you the customer will come into any agents office and know what to expect and you will be prepared to do all the things that need to be done when you are buying or selling a home.

Another type of article you will frequently find will be stories promoting Indianapolis and Central Indiana attractions, events and areas. Whether you already know it or not, Indy is a great town and I am a proud Hoosier who doesn’t mind tooting our collective horn about it to anyone who has not had the pleasure of finding it out on their own.

Lastly, as I mentioned I am a Veteran. I served in the US Navy for four years, during Desert Storm, Operation Restore Hope, Operation Southern Watch, and several humanitarian missions in south Asia from 1990-1994. As such, I belong to a fraternity of Men and Women who have stepped up for their nation and I believe it is all of our duty to stand up for them. My primary specialty in real estate will be working with Vets who are transitioning back to the world. I will have a full static page that will describe the VA Home Loan Process from beginning to end, and make myself available to walk my Veteran clients through it.

So while that was a little more long winded than I had hoped, I think it pretty much covers what you can expect to find here…and gives a little glimpse of what you can expect of me when you are ready to take my help buying or selling a home.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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About Robb

A husband, Dad to 5, and Grandpa to 9. US Navy Vet. 18 Year Postal Employee turned full time Realtor. I enjoy a wide variety of things, but you will find that here I mostly write about Indianapolis, government/politics, recent news, and whatever book I am reading or have just finished at the moment.
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