Find an Indianapolis Realtor.

Find an Indianapolis Realtor

Truth be told, it isn’t that hard. MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors) estimates 6500 active members in central Indiana. Roughly 4500 of those work in greater Indianapolis. On top of that, you have already found one by being on this site…but we will get back to that later.

You have already shown you are a step ahead of the game by searching for a Realtor, rather than just a real estate agent.

For those who don’t know, all Realtors are real estate agents, but all agents are not Realtors. A Realtor is an agent who is a member of the NAR (National Association of Realtors). Sounds like a club for house sellers doesn’t it? It kind of is, but in reality it is our professional organization. Similar to what the AMA is for doctors, or the BAR association is for attorneys, our national board (and state [IAR] and local boards [MIBOR]) act as a voluntary regulatory group that ensures that when a client is dealing with a member, they are dealing with a professional who is held to a high level of ethical standards beyond state licensure requirements.

So now that you know that, lets talk about what you want from a Realtor… and how I work hard to show you that I am the only Realtor you ever need to know.

Research has shown that people want the following qualities from a real estate professional:

  • Knowledge of the home buying and home selling process
  • Responsiveness
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Knowing the local area
  • Tech Savvy
  • Most of all- Honesty

All of these things add up to having the skill sets necessary to get your home sold or to help you buy a new home.

Since the intent of this article is to present myself as the answer to you search for an Indianapolis Realtor, here is a breakdown of how I bring all of those things to the table.

Knowledge of the home buying and selling process– This is the easy part, and truthfully an licensed agent should possess the knowledge to bring a home sale under contract and then guide it to closing. I take this a step further by being a student of my industry. It is just my nature. I am one of those people who wants to know how things work. In fact my coming into this industry was the direct result of buying and selling properties as a client, and my own desire to understand the machinations behind the curtain. In addition to that, when I chose a managing broker to work with; it was very important to me to find someone who not only had a ton of experience, but it had to be someone who believed in one on one mentoring. I found that in Janet Giles at Your Realty Link. She has been an active member of MIBOR for 40 years, and who is never more than a phone call away to guide me or any of our other agents through any new or unusual situation. For those who don’t remember the late 1970’s, Janet made a living selling houses during the Carter administration, when interest rates were in the double digits, it took a 700+ credit score and 20% down to get financed and more homes were sold on contract than not. Having that kind of experience behind my own desire to know how to make things work makes me confident that I can get any home to closing that we can make a deal on.

Responsiveness– One of my pet peeves from when I was buying and selling properties… and still today, is that so many agents (and people in other businesses) don’t feel like it is important to respond to clients phone call or emails. I just don’t get it. When someone is making the biggest purchase of their life, they not only want, but they need to have someone who is available to answer their questions and concerns. I do get, that you can’t always answer the phone right then, but we owe our clients quick call backs so we can address whatever issue arises before it becomes a crisis. Given that I am building my business and personal brand on customer service and client care, this tells you that I answer the phone if possible, and if not, I call back as soon as I can. No client should have to spend half a day wondering when you are going to have time to talk with them.

Knowledge of the market– This goes back to needing to know how things work. If I am not dealing with a  client or doing active marketing…I am doing something to study this market. Whether it is previewing homes, going over home sales data, or talking with other professionals about what they are seeing; I am working to make sure I know what is going on in Indianapolis…so that I can help you find the home that fits you best and at the best price.

Communication skills– A lot could be said about being able to put out a clear message…but you have been reading what I am writing…so you know I can do that part. Its the other side that is more important to clear communication. Active listening. Truthfully, listening to the client and understanding their wants and needs is more important than anything else I have discussed thus far. I have to actively listen in order to ensure that I am showing you houses that fit you… or to understand your needs and motivations in selling a home so that I can develop a strategy that works for your situation.

Negotiation skills– In my previous career as a US Postal Worker, I spent 10 years a union steward. During that time one of my primary jobs was negotiating disputes between two parties with diametrically opposed goals, a lack of trust, and a general dislike for one another. After that, negotiating between even the most difficult buyers and sellers is a cake walk. It is also my favorite part of the transaction.

Knowing the local area– This goes well beyond knowing the market. I have been a resident of Indianapolis for 40 of my 44 years (Only leaving to serve in the US Navy). I know and love this city.

Tech Savvy– While most agents can use some of the digital tools available to us, I am a systems based Realtor and use them extensively. From digital document signing and storage, Matrix (Our home search database), web publishing, SEO, social media marketing, using our search APP, to writing this blog… I am very comfortable with technology and am poised to be a leader in this industry as it moves to a more and more digital experience.

Honesty– My first inclination was to point you to my “testimonial page“. At the end of the day though, if you don’t know me already, you are going to have to judge for yourself. You will know what you are getting when you ask me to do something that isn’t likely to work. I have no more problem giving hard truths as easy ones. There is no useful way to have a business relationship than a frank and honest one.

So if you are looking for an Indianapolis Realtor with these attributes and more, look no further. Call Robb at 317-657-8059 or email me at to set up your free buyers or sellers consultation.

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