Find an Indianapolis real estate agent.

And just like that you found an Indianapolis real estate agent.

Even better you found a professional Realtor! If I may set humbleness aside I would like to tell you why I know you have found the best Realtor possible to help you buy or sell a home in the greater Indianapolis area.

For starters, I work with the fastest growing real estate brokerage in central Indiana. Your Realty Link was founded October 1st of 2015 by Realtor Emeritus (40 year veteran) Janet Giles. Starting out with just herself and 8 other agents that formed into two teams. In the last 9 months this company has exploded into two offices (with a third coming soon), 21 agents with three teams, several independent agents and even a commercial division.

Next up, that 40 year Realtor that started the company? She’s my team leader. So I have had the advantage from day one of being mentored by an agent with experiences through the best of times and the worst. Heck, Janet made a living selling houses during the late 1970’s; when interest rates were in the double digits, 20% down payments were a must and you basically needed spotless credit to get that. Even when we just make up outrageous scenarios, no one in the office has been able to come up with a situation that Janet cannot find a solution to… and she makes a point to always be available to her team. I get to couple that level of knowledge, with my training, life experience and negotiating expertise to make sure that you buy or sell your home at the best price and as little hassle as is possible.

Third reason I am the best real estate agent to help you sell or buy a home in Indianapolis? I am systems based. What does that mean? The long and short is that it means that I have used my managing brokers training to develop a systematic approach to residential home sales that ensures successful transactions that best benefit my clients. I use these systems to maintain a high level of consistency to an even higher level of service.

The fourth reason that you want me to represent your interests when buying or selling your house? Client care is more than an ad pitch to me. There is nothing that is going to drive and grow my business more, than making sure that I give each and every on of my clients the level of service that ensures that when they know someone else who wants to buy or sell a home… that they cannot even imagine them doing it without my help. To me that means being accessible to my clients when they need me (and not bankers hours…when you need me.), always working to secure the best deal that can be had for my clients, ensuring that I only refer top performing lenders, inspectors and title companies; and most of all, putting you before everything else. You are the client, and I am here to serve your needs. Client testimonials.

The fifth reason you want me to be your real estate agent is because I have lived in Indianapolis for my whole life. Well other than the four years I served in the U.S. Navy, but the point is that for 40 out of 44 years I have lived in the greater Indianapolis area, and I know this city. Whether you are looking for walkable urban neighborhoods, idyllic suburbs, or a rural farmhouse with acreage…I know where to find it and how to ask you the right questions to ensure I bring your needs and the perfect home together.

So now that you have found a Realtor in Indianapolis to help you buy or sell a home… give me a call at 317-657-8059 or email me at to set up a free consultation.

If you are thinking about selling your home, or if you would just like to know what your home may bring on the open market; fill out the form below and request a CMA on your home.
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