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Clients for Life in Real Estate

Doesn’t that sound like some BS you would hear in a “how to grow your business” sales seminar? That’s funny, because that is exactly what it is. Well, at least that is how it came to me. What is even funnier, is after getting bored in the class and daydreaming about how I wanted my business model to be structured… this line (and the basic idea of the seminar) became the very core of that model.

To start with, I want to talk about the part of this class that didn’t sit well with me. The practice of this idea… of modelling your business around having the same clients for their entire lives… was reduced to making sure that you were “the” Realtor they knew and remembered. The way the instructor said to do this, was to essentially stay in their face with constant reminders that you were in the business and to basically spam them with every communication asset you have and hope that they will hire you (or refer you to others) to buy or sell every house they know that needs bought or sold.

In all honesty, marketing studies have shown over and over that it works. The human brain is programmable and people can be influenced into using certain brands by using this form of advertising. To be really honest; anyone who does not do this at least a little bit, probably has a failing marketing program.

That said; I hate spam, random texts, sales calls, door knockers and just about every other effective means of marketing. Doing it to my friends and family… or my past clients, just doesn’t fit my personality. I mean sure, I will send you an annual calendar and maybe I will even host a client appreciation event now and again because I don’t want you to forget I am in the business and I don’t want to have a failure of a marketing program, but I think the key to that portion of marketing is “just a little bit”.

So if I don’t follow that recipe, how do I make real estate clients for life?

The answer is simple and twofold. Providing spectacular service levels through effective communication and managing realty transactions through effective processes.

Lets talk about communication first. You will find this as a common theme throughout my writing about this business, and if you work with me you will find that this really is the key to the way that I do business. Truth be told, this is the key to making all aspects of our lives and relationships work, but I am going to just focus on real estate transactions and service levels today.

From the first time we speak, I actively reach out to my clients to find out what their expectations are and to lay out my own so that we both know where we are beginning and where we want to get to. That first conversation is usually fairly brief, and involves finding out whether the client wants to buy or sell, what their timeline is, and then setting up a formal consultation so that we can sit down together and go over the process in detail.

During that consultation, whether it is for a first time home buyer or someone selling a house, a great many things will be discussed. We always begin by discussing the process, both generally as it is practiced in the real estate industry, and the specifics of the processes I use to ensure a smooth transaction for my clients. We do this because when a client knows something is coming up, and that there is the potential for a roadblock there, if that roadblock appears, they know it is something that I can help them deal with and that there is no need to stress. On the other hand, when something comes up and the client has no idea that there was a potential problem… well then it looks like a crisis, and can quickly become one.

The next thing we discuss during that consultation is the buyer or seller’s needs. We always begin by just asking straight out what you are looking to accomplish with this transaction. Typically the client gives some vague answers about the number of bedrooms, where they want to be, and the price range. How much or how little the client gives, determines which set of questions I will start asking to ferret out the information I need to ensure that I serve this client to the best of my ability. The important part here is that those questions do get asked, AND that the answers are listened to.

The last part of this consultation involves informing the client of what we can expect in the way of results based on their needs and current market conditions. Once we have done this, we can move on to the meat of the process. I won’t go into every time we talk through the process now, because I think you get the drift of how I do things, and why I value communication so highly. I will say that as each part of the process unfolds, I think it is important to go over what we have done so far and what we expect to happen next. As Realtors we forget that the people buying and selling don’t do this every day, and it isn’t just part of their routine. These little reminders continue to help the client navigate the process with confidence.

So now I am going to talk about process management in real estate. Don’t worry I will be brief on this, because I know that 90% of the readers just fell asleep reading the title. This business of buying and selling houses involves an enormous number of variables. It never ceases to amaze me the variety of wrenches that can be thrown into the machinery of a smooth transaction. This coupled with the fact that every agency does things a little differently, and every lender does things a little differently, and so does every other vendor we deal with….and all clients have different needs; well lets just say that anyone who is brokering real estate transactions without a process that they follow diligently is risking their clients assets and is not serving their interests.

That said, since the first time I took interest in real estate, I have made myself a student of the process of buying and selling property. I have been blessed with my managing broker who has 40+ years in the business and takes the time to mentor, I work in an office with lots of agents who are highly skilled and are more than willing to share their experiences, and I have taken all of that and applied my business experience and training to develop a series of best practices that I incorporate into my systems.

This enables me to use the several hundred years of cumulative experience that has been made available to me to ensure that my clients home buying or selling transaction goes as smooth as possible, limiting my clients exposure to risk and maximizing their return on their dollar spent.

How does that translate into life time real estate clients?

That my friends, is an act of faith on my part. That faith is placed in the idea that when people receive truly remarkable service they want others to know about it. I further rust that as you tell your friends and family about how well the Blue Ribbon Team at Your Realty link handled your real estate transaction, well they are going to want the same kind of service. In other words, you will want top notch service for yourself and your friends and family, and I intend to make my living off of repeat business and referrals.

So if you want the kind of service that you will brag about to your friends and family, call Robb at 317-657-8059 or email to set up your FREE consultation.


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