Are you thinking about a career in Real Estate?

Or are you an experienced agent looking for a new home?

If either of those is the case I have good news. Your Realty Link, the fastest growing Real Estate brokerage in Central Indiana, is looking to bring on a couple of more agents into our family.

What is in it for you?

Well that depends on what you want out of a managing broker.

If you are a new agent or considering a career in Real Estate, then undoubtedly what you are looking for is somewhere that you will be able to develop the necessary skills and habits to become a top level home seller. That is exactly what is in it for you. Part of the reason our teams have early success is because our managing broker and team leads believe in actually giving the one on one support and training that other firms claim.

I know from my own experience as a younger agent, that there are literally thousands of different issues that have and will continue to pop up. I also know from that same experience that having a managing broker with 40 years in the business like Janet Giles, putting in the effort to personally mentor myself and other the other newer agents in the office gives me the confidence to approach any of those problems in a manner that gives my clients a stress free and rewarding home buying or selling experience. That means I am going to be able to continue to build my career on the kind of referral business that most agents don’t begin to get until they have gone through significant growing pains and years of learning how to conduct this business well. That in itself is worth giving this company a hard look before signing on somewhere else.

If you are a more experienced agent you likely have different concerns. Those may involve commission splits, support, growth in the company, desk duty requirements and the like.

Commission splits vary pretty widely in this industry, and typically are tied pretty closely to the level of support you will receive from the company. Without directly citing what is always a negotiated figure, I can with confidence say that the commission split structure of this company is competitive with even the worst slap you on the backside and say good luck as they push you out the door brokerage there is. At the same time the opposite is true. We are a team based company, and that means the while we do have a bit of friendly competition for business, everyone at Your Realty Link, from the bottom to the top is abundantly helpful with finding solutions to whatever issue may come up as you serve your clients.

Speaking of teams, therein lies both a simple path to both advancement in the company and in your own business. As each agent reaches that point of critical mass, where they just have more business than they can personally handle, they encouraged to start new teams. That agent then becomes a team leader with a unique commission cap structure that enables them to grow financially while helping to develop the next generation of Your Realty Link agents.

As for desk duty, floor time, or mandatory open houses for other agents; we just don’t do that. In theory someone could form a team and require the agents on their team to perform these tasks, but we prefer a different structure.

For more information on how we do business or to learn about how you can be a Realtor at Your Realty Link, give me a call at 317-657-8059 or email at

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