Why you should use a pro to sell your home.

Selling a house with a pro.

From the first moment you consider selling your house and moving, right up until you receive the net proceed check at closing; working with a professional Realtor to get your home sold gives you serious advantages when it comes to getting your home sold with the least stress, the fastest, and for the most money. In this article I will explore the five stages of selling a home (Including: the home sellers consultation, prepping a house for sale, listing the home for sale, marketing the real estate, and contract to close processing.), what your real estate agent should be doing during each stage, and how that helps you get the most buck for your bang. As an added tip, I will tell you that this article would be a great place to find questions for when you want to interview Realtors for the job of selling your house.

So lets gets started.

The home sellers consultation.

The first time you consider whether you would like to sell your home or not, you should find a Realtor you trust and sit down to have a home sellers consultation. It doesn’t cost you a dime, and most Realtors are glad to take the time to go over the ins and outs of the selling your home with you even if you aren’t going to be selling for a year or two (We will need to make a living next year too.).

During this meeting you should expect the real estate agent to discuss your current local market conditions, how your home fits into that market, give you an estimated sales price of your home (based on a comparable market analysis and a tour of your homes condition), explain the selling process from listing to close, and of course answer any questions you may have. All of this will take between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on your experience and how in depth your real estate broker goes into the process.

The benefit of this meeting to you as a home selling client is that this meeting should help you make a well informed decision about whether to sell your home, and reduce your stress levels about the process. Information is power, and a quality Realtor will share a ton of it with you.

Prepping the house for sale.

So you have had your consultation. You made the decision to move forward and sell your house. The next step to selling your house, is preparing the home for market. Like in all other things, when we sell a home we want to put our best foot forward. This part of the process means determining what repairs to make, whether updating the home makes sense, removing clutter and personal effects, and generally staging the home for its best presentation.

Your Realtor should be available to make solid market based suggestions to you about every part of this. The prep work done here will do more to determine your final selling price than ANY other factor other than location, which you can not change. Condition of the home matters more than marketing and negotiations combined when it comes to getting a home sold.

Your Realtors knowledge on how different issues affect the sale of your home is extremely valuable. Take their advice.

Listing your home for sale.

So you had your consultation. You moved forward. Your agent went over your best options to get the house ready to sell and you did that. What next? It is time to formally put the home on the market. Most people think that at this point the Realtor takes a few notes and does a touch of data entry and wool-ah, your house is listed for sale. In fairness, sometimes that is true and that is a damn shame. But we aren’t going to talk about that today, because that is not what you or I have in mind. We think in terms of full service residential real estate.

The first stage of actually listing your home for sale is the listing contract. As far as contracts go, it is fairly simple document. That said, there is more to it than agreeing to let someone list your home and how long you will give them to get it sold. This contract covers your listing price, what concessions you may way to advertise, when you want to offer possession, what types of financing you will entertain, who can advertise the home for sale, what commission rate will be paid to the listing agent and to the buyers agent, potential attorneys fees, earnest money, a variety of legal disclosures, sellers responsibilities, releases (to contact HOAs, utilities, mortgage holders and more), who will have access to your home and how that is controlled, and several other minor issues. Your Realtor should go over every section of this agreement AND should encourage you to seek legal consul (because we are not attorneys) prior to signing. I know this seems like a lot to think about, but that is why you hired a Realtor to sell your home. We know how to get you through this process.

Once we have the contract, it is time for the Realtor to do their basic work to put your home for sale listing in the system. This starts with taking room measurements, fact finding about the property, getting some great pictures taken (Look at their old listing photos before you list. I honestly don’t know how some agents get any listings based on what I see in the MLS), setting up your lock box, putting a sign in the yard, writing an enticing description of your home, doing the data entry, and setting up your showing service.

Once all of that is done, your home is officially on the market. Sadly for basic agents, at this point they just cross their fingers and hope your home sells. The professional Realtor on the other hand, brings another level of marketing to the table. Do not hire an agent who cannot describe their marketing plan to you.

Marketing a house to home buyers.

This is an area that too many real estate agents and 100% of FSBO‘s (for sale by owner) fail in. Marketing. In a hot market like today, you can sometimes get away with it…but the truth is that even in this hot housing market, if your realty broker is not hustling then they are costing you money. If you are selling For Sale By Owner, forget my commission…you are leaving much more on the table. That’s just the cash, never mind the legal risks. But that is another subject.

A professional Realtor will have and implement an aggressive marketing plan. Some examples of things I do (without giving away grandmas secret sauce) that separates the Blue Ribbon Team from everyone else are: Including your home listing in my monthly newsletter, using services that push my listings out to ALL major home search sites immediately, email blasts to Realtors that sell homes in the area of the listing, inter office memos, direct marketing to buyers, social media blitzkrieg, well advertised open houses, and a variety of paid advertisements as needed.

The benefit to the home selling client is obvious. The more people who see the home, the more potential offers there are. The more offers we get, the more likely chance of selling the home for every dime we can get it appraised for. Now we aren’t the only ones who do these things…but there are not as many who do them as you think. Even fewer of them continue to be highly skilled technicians when it comes to…

Contract to close.

So we have made the decision, we prepped the home for sale, we got the house listed on the brokers listing cooperative, we marketed the house for sale, and now we have an offer.

What next?

I mean obviously you are going to review the offer and decide whether to accept, decline, or make a counter offer right? Do you know all of the 14 places in the MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors) purchase agreement that can cost you money directly? Does your real estate agent? Do you know the differences between the various types of financing and which ones have what risks? How about which ones your home even qualifies for? Does your realty broker? Do you understand the property tax and escrow systems in your locality?

To make this section way shorter than it could be, I will reduce it to this. Do you see the value of having an experienced Realtor going over the offer and your options with you? Can you guess how much more complicated that can get in a multiple offer or auction situation? Is it obvious enough that you want a Realtor who is not only a good salesman, but one who understand contracts deeply?

I am sure it is, so lets pretend that we got through the initial offer and counter offer period and have settled on a purchase agreement with the buyer. Now all we have to do is navigate the inspection period, the appraisal, HOA document review, flood plain review, escrow accounts, financing issues, surveys, clearing title defects and encumbrances, home warranties, tax assessments, and any other conditional gremlin that decides to pop up and kill your property sale…and then we are done. Its just that simple (wink wink, nudge nudge).


There are a ton of reasons that make hiring a real estate agent to sell your home make sense. Every one of them doubles as a reason to make sure you are hiring a professional Realtor. Every one of them also trebles as a great thing to ask potential realty brokers about when you interview them to decide who you will hire to sell your house. I can tell you from personal and professional experience that when your Realtor does those 5 (more like 5,000) things well; you will sell your home quickly and for the most money that your home can get. We go the extra mile, and do all of those things well AND we list for the discounted rate of 5%…so on top of getting the best selling price, you  also get the best net price when you list with the Blue Ribbon Team at Your Realty Link.


If you want to take advantage of all of those assets, and sell your home for the highest bottom line dollar, call Robb at 317-657-8059 or email him at robb@blueribbonteam.com to set your free home sellers consultation appointment today. We help home buyers too, but this article is to help sellers.

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