Real Estate Marketing. Getting your home noticed.

Getting your home noticed so it will sell.

Even in this current sellers market, one of the most important things a Realtor does for our home selling clients is marketing. I know, that everyone thinks it is all about the MLS ( mulitple listing service or BLC broker listing cooperative if you are in the MIBOR metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors) and the web sites that it subsequently feeds out to. The thing is, there is a lot more to marketing a home than that.

For starters, how the home is put on the BLC matters. It is imperative that the day the home lists that quality pictures are posted and that ALL of the pertinent information is readily available to buyers. I mean, sure the half assed agent you hired because you saw his sign will tell you that the pics being up on day one doesn’t matter because your home would be sold in two days anyway. What he isn’t telling you is that if you had good quality pictures up on day one you would have a strong chance to sell it into a bidding war between multiple buyers. That results in you not only selling your home quick, but for top dollar.

Then we have the issue of how fast the listing feeds out to the commercial sites. We use a service which feeds those sites manually, so our listings always show up on even the slowest commercial sites within 48 hours (and usually within 12 hours). When agents don’t use that service, it can take from 48 to 96 hours for the commercial sites to pull the data. In a market where homes are selling in 24 hours, agents who don’t us this service aren’t marketing your house. they are marketing their service.

Finally, ask yourself if you want to use agents who sell homes by just listing them and not doing any creative marketing. I personally think it is important that we do little things to make sure our listings are noticed…which is why I made this tongue in cheek video about my marketing.


Now that you know that there are Realtors out here who will make the extra effort to make sure your home is noticed…give me a call at 317-657-8059, email , or use this handy form to schedule your comparative market analysis and lets get your home sold for top dollar.

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