Can I ask you for some help?

I hope you don’t mind my asking you for help, but I have a problem.

The houses I list, SELL too fast.

3 bedroom 2 bath ranch for sale sold

I know you are reading that and thinking, how can that be a problem? Please bear with me and I will explain. Part of how I can afford to list homes for sale at  5% is my marketing plan. Instead of spending tons of money placing ads on the commercial websites that give no value back to my clients, I spend my advertising dollars by aggressively marketing the houses that I have listed for sale.

I think its a great way to get the word out about what a great home selling service I offer, and I also feel like it provides the maximum benefit to my home selling clients.

The thing is that in my drive to make sure I was giving my real estate clients the best possible service, I may have cut myself short. As it turns out, when a Realtor markets a home as aggressively as I do, they don’t stay on market very long. People buy them. And when a house doesn’t stay on market very long, my sign doesn’t stay in the yard very long. My listings don’t show up in searches anymore. So we end up with the people who want to sell their homes unable to find me.

Do you know what the worst part of that is. The realty agents they can find…they find because they aren’t getting the homes sold. Don’t you think that given their druthers, most home sellers would rather find me. The guy who gets homes sold fast…for top dollar….AND only charges a 5% listing fee. I think so.

So what I hope you will do for me and your friends and family, is think about who you know that wants to sell their house… and do them a solid. Tell them about me, and let them know how you know I will take great care of them and get their home sold fast.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the recommendations and reviews my clients give me.

Then have the people you care about give Robb a call at 317-657-8059 so that they can get Blue Ribbon Team level service.

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