What will you do when the gremlins come for your home closing?

Closing the home sale through the obstacles.

There is a dirty little secret that all of the FSBO’s (for sale by owner) and do it yourself buyers don’t tell you. Heck for some reason most Realtors don’t talk about it. (I am guessing from my experience that they don’t want to relive the trauma.) That secret is: From the moment your purchase agreement is signed, there is a giant army of gremlins whose only job is to find a way to prevent your from buying that new home, or selling your old house.

If you don’t believe me and/or think this is an exaggeration, ask them. Next time you are sitting down having a relaxing conversation with anyone who has bought or sold a home (and especially Realtors), nonchalantly ask them what the worst part of the home buying or selling process was. The first answer will almost always be underwriting from the home buyers, and those selling houses will probably say keeping the house showing ready. Push them past that. Ask if anything unusual happened during the purchase.

That is when the stories will get interesting. If you ask enough people, you will hear all kinds of things. From frozen pipes two days before closing, to lost jobs, ridiculous inspection demands, contracts falling apart over appraisals, crazy expectations from OCD underwriters that make their own rules, insurance snafus, new flood plain maps, if you can name it…it has happened. Not only has it happened, but unless there was at least one professional Realtor involved (and preferably one on each side if you want the deal to close smoothly) chances are they will have at least on story of the deal that fell through. Heck, even with a professional real estate agent helping out, if you ask enough people there will be closing fall out stories.

Of the people that did it themselves, they will likely talk about what a turbulent time it was. How hard they had to work to get things taken care of so they could close on the house.

The people that worked with a realty broker, will remember the issue being mentioned, and their broker taking care of it. If their Realtor did a great job, they may feel like it really wasn’t a big deal even though it was probably a category 5 closing cancelling flaming hurricane. The reason for that is that the real deal professional Realtors like you will find at the Blue Ribbon Team, spend their free time learning about what problems occur during the process, and adopt best practices to either prevent them entirely…or to solve them in a variety of ways that minimize pain for their client.

You see, we know that life is really good at throwing a wrench into the works. Especially when you are trying to do something important. We also know how important this residential real estate purchase (or home sale) is to you. Our whole purpose is to make sure that we get you to closing, without letting the gremlins ruin even one of your days on the way.

So if you are in the market to buy or sell a home, and you like the idea of having someone to put the fires out for you…. give Realtor Robb a call at 317-657-8059 or email robb@yourrealtylink.com to set up your FREE buyers or sellers consultation.

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