Want to buy a house, but not sure where to start?

If you are thinking about buying your first home in the greater Indianapolis area, then you should check out the Your Realty LinkBlue Ribbon Team

-First time home buyers class-

Lets be real. Buying your first home can be a scary prospect. It is likely the largest single purchase you have ever made, and making good decisions about buying your first home can affect your personal economics for years to come. You are sure to have lots of questions. You aren’t sure what to ask. You aren’t sure who to ask. I mean sure you have friends and family who have bought homes. But did they get the best deal possible? Are they active in the housing market to know what is happening on a macro and micro scale? Are they up to date on the latest rules and regulations of home financing? Do they negotiate for a living? The answer is likely a resounding NO to all of those.

So wouldn’t it be nice if someone would step up and take the time to answer all of your home buying questions?

Well someone is. I am holding a one time FREE seminar where I will go over the entire home buying process, and then answer each of your Indianapolis real estate questions.

This class is absolutely free and there is no obligation. Just come in, get a copy of our home buyers guide, listen to a professional realtor go over the buying process from beginning to end, ask any questions you may still have, get correct answers, and then go about your day. It is that easy.

So mark your calendar for July 5th at 6 PM and come up to the Lawrence branch of the Indianapolis public library at 7898 N. Hague Road Indianapolis Indiana 46256, to learn how you can buy a home with as little stress as is possible.

If you already know what’s what when it comes to buying a home, go ahead and shoot me an email at robb@yourrealtylink.com or call 317-657-8059 to schedule your home buyers consultation so we can start down the path of buying your next home.

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