I don’t care what house you buy. Here is why.

I don’t care what house you buy.

How is that for what is probably the worst sales pitch ever? Well, there are reasons for that. I am not a salesman, and it is not a sales pitch. It is a statement of fact. Even though I make a living brokering real estate transactions, which house you buy doesn’t affect me a whole lot. Today I am going to talk about why that is, and how it benefits you when I am helping you buy the home of your dreams.

Lets start out by pointing out the obvious. I didn’t say I don’t care IF you buy a house. I am a Realtor, and if you don’t buy a house the kids are going to go hungry…and that is not acceptable to me. So let’s make sure you do buy a new home.

That said, here is the number one reason I don’t care which house you buy: I am not going to live in it. Its that simple. So I want you to love the house you buy, but it makes no difference to me at all whether I like it or not.

One we move past that tongue in cheek answer, we get to the business reasons I don’t invest myself emotionally in to which home you purchase. It goes back to the same thing I talk about in this blog all the time: Client Care. A great number of agents build their business model (if they bother to have one) around neighborhoods, price points, double ending deals, and other things that do not help their clients one iota. I on the other hand, have built my business model around the idea that by providing superior service and ACTUALLY putting my clients needs first, then I will have so much repeat business that I will have no option but to grow.

So how does my not caring what house you benefit you? There are several. Most of them have to do with the fact that my reduced attachment to any particular home or area enables me to assess the property more critically on your behalf.

For instance, once a buyer sees a house that they like the appearance of (that old curb appeal), it is not uncommon for them to move through the house quickly talking about how much they love it and then linger in either the living room or the kitchen saying the same thing without looking for issues with the home. Terrible salesman that I am, I do not….nor will I stand there with a contract and say “so are you ready to buy?” like so many others will and do. Usually while the client is doing that, I am still walking through the house looking for defects or potentially expensive issues that my client needs to know about. Am I conducting an inspection? No. But I am looking for obvious problems that will save my client the $400 an inspection costs if we move on now rather than finding out later. Not to mention the time we can save by doing this now.

Then I get the client to back up for a minute and we go over their checklist of things they wanted in a house. Invariably some things are in this one. So I ask if it is an acceptable trade off or not. If its not I encourage them to keep looking. Sure, I kept from closing a deal…but I am willing to bet my career that giving one up now and then to help the client get everything they want and to minimize buyers remorse will benefit my number of transactions more than it hurts them.

Speaking of that checklist, not caring what house you buy also means I don’t care what area it is in or who is listing it either. Don’t misunderstand, if you want to be in a certain area….that is where we will look. What I mean is I am not about to steer you to a particular neighborhood because that’s where I specialize. I understand the business model of people who do that, but I don’t think it serves the client as much as the agent. So I simply don’t do it. The same goes for my listings. Sure, if one of my listings is a great fit for a buyer client…it is going to get top billing. On the other hand, showing a client all of my listings first whether they fit the clients criteria or not doesn’t accomplish anything but wasting time and annoying the client. Neither of which serve the client or my business model.

Another thing I don’t care about is your price point. It seems like every client I meet either has a horror story, or a preconceived notion that as a Realtor I am going to try to get them to move up in price. I mean since we are commission based it makes sense that I would right? Maybe to some, but those people are short sighted in my humble opinion. Here is the thing. People know what they can afford to spend. If they didn’t on day one, they do after they get preapproved. Human nature being what it is, people tend to shop in the top 20% of what they can afford. They also tend to look mainly at houses in a $25-30,000 range. So (at least in my head) there is no real benefit in pushing a client up in price. (With the obvious exception of when what they want is not available in the price range they are wanting to look, and then the answer is more often than not to reassess their wants and needs as affordability isn’t as flexible.) To top all of that off, if I take a chance on irritating and losing a client by pushing them up $10,000 it is only going to net me about an extra $225. Which do you think is more valuable to me, a referral from a happy client that may lead to 5 or 6 more transactions or $225? You would be surprised how many think the $225 is more valuable. None of them have my business model.

The last place that my lack of care for which house you buy serves you is in negotiations. Even the most logical of us get emotionally attached to a house when it comes time to negotiate. If you didn’t love it you wouldn’t buy it. My job is to be the voice of reason. I don’t bargain based on your emotions. I do so based on the numbers and the pertinent facts about the property. Sure, you can override me and say go for it whenever you want… but I will be there as the voice of reason should you choose to use me.

So if you are in the market to buy a new home, and you want to work with an Indianapolis Realtor who doesn’t care what house you buy…as long as you love it; call Robb at 317-657-8059 or email robb@yourrealtylink.com to set up your free buyers consultation.

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