How does your Realtor guarantee their service level?

Realtor service level guarantee

Being that real estate is a service industry, and my own company and team brand have a high level of service as our very core, I was thinking the other day about ways of communicating this to potential clients. Its one thing for us to just do like everyone else and claim concierge services, but how can we prove it and back it up with a guarantee.

Like any business person, I decided to first look at the competition and see what they do. What I found was a little on the surreal side.

You see, what a lot of companies do is offer a money back guarantee. Sounds great, right? I mean, what is so¬†strange¬†about that? Why shouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t we?

Well, there is no money paid until the house closes…so a money back guarantee is about as empty of a promise as a Realtor can make. If you aren’t satisfied with your Realtor, all reasonable expectations would be that it is because they are not getting the job done whether you are buying or selling a house. If they haven’t gotten your home sold or helped you buy a house yet, then you haven’t paid anything so there is no money to get back when you do what you should do (fire them). So how do you get anything back?

So the next thing I did is start going over our processes, to see what we could offer of value if one of our clients was not satisfied. I quickly realized that we already offer the best and most REAL guarantee in the business. We offer a no hassle easy out of our contracts.

I know that when you are reading that you are thinking…so what? I can just not use you anymore. Anyone can be fired. This is true, but because of the way this business is structured, from the buyers agreement all the way through closing, everything is done by contract. When you list a house, you sign for that agent to list the home for a set period of time. That time may be anywhere from 90 days to a year. When you sign a buyers agreement, you do the same. If you fire the agent that you signed on with, you probably will not be able to buy or sell a home with them without paying them the same compensation they would have received had you not fired them. At least during that time period anyway. Being that buying and selling homes is almost always time sensitive, and too expensive to being paying an agent you fired on top of the normal fees.

While that is certainly not a friendly way to do business, I know of agents who have actually sued clients for fees that they felt they had earned, even though the client fired them for failure to perform.

Our easy out home listing contract and buyers agreement guarantee. Its a simple policy that our managing broker has carried through 40 years in this business.

If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service your Realtor at Your Realty Link is providing, we will release you from the contract. Plain and simple.

All we ask is that if something comes up that you aren’t happy with, talk to us about it and see if it is something we can fix. If not, you will receive a mutual release from the company.

For the record, I only know of one time that it has happened at this company…and by all accounts the seller was unreasonable and couldn’t understand why a home that was overpriced by 20% wasn’t getting showings. We still released them. They ended up lowering the price as suggested when they listed with another company. We were happy to see that they got their home sold.

If you want to know how my clients feel about my service level, check out my testimonial page.

So if you want to work with a Realtor that actually stands by their guarantee of excellent service, give Robb a call at 317-657-8059 or email and set up your FREE buyers consultation or listing appointment.

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