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Home Buyers Guide

While helping my clients find their dream homes in and around Indianapolis, I have noticed that most people (and especially first time home buyers) have the same questions and misconceptions about the home buying process. Being that both my nature and my career are focused on problem solving, I decided to create an educational tool that helps home buyers learn about the real estate buying process. My hope in doing this is to help people looking to buy their first home understand what to expect so that they may have a smoother and less stressful home purchase.

This home buyers guide will be presented in two formats. First it is in .pdf format so you can download it and have it available to read at anytime without using that precious bandwidth. Then for the people with super cyber security on their minds, it will be presented as image files here on this page. As always I appreciate feedback and would love to hear from you about this project…especially if it helped you with your home purchase.

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