Does your real estate agent work for you all the time? Or just part-time?

Does your real estate agent work for you all the time?

Or just part-time?

If you are buying or selling a home and you are using a part time agent, chances are you are not getting the service you deserve and you are more likely to run into headaches on the way to closing the deal. Before I explain the reason I take this position, and before I get a bunch of emails from the exceptions… I am just going to say straight out that there are exceptions. There are more than a few agents our there whose primary income is not real estate based that do a fine job. That said, they are greatly outnumbered by part time agents who are not effective and should stick to their primary career.

So why is a full time Realtor preferable to a part time real estate agent? As with most of the things I get on my little soap box about, there are several reasons. Today we are going to talk about professionalism, dedication to the client, and the big one – availability.

Professionalism. There are throngs of part time agents who upon reading these words are no doubt getting out their pitch forks and torches. But slow down. I am not saying you behave in an unprofessional manner. What I am saying is that with another primary career, a part time real estate agent does not have the time to really embrace the full breadth of continuing education, market analysis, house previewing, attending brokers open houses, sales seminars, training, and networking events that are necessary to really take a Realtor to that next level of professionalism. Doing our job well involves a lot of knowledge and staying on top of every little change in the marketplace. Its not that part time agents don’t want to do it. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for them to do all of this, and the client suffers. This is a point where I have to restate that there are exceptions. One agent I know in particular is starting a third career adjacent to the first two (with the second being real estate), but his path is not for everyone…or even one in a million.

Dedication to the client. To highlight the difference between a full time Realtor and a part time real estate agent in regard to dedication, I am going to ask if you have ever held a part time job along side your main job. If not maybe you have had a side business of some sort. Then since this article is a one way communication and I can’t hear you answering, I am going to assume that the answer was yes to at least one of those. I am then going to make some observations from both my own life and a long career of people watching about these side gigs.

First, most people don’t do them long. Having a second job is a grind. When people do it, it is usually either for a short term purpose, or because the primary gig isn’t getting the bills paid…and in either case, as soon as the situation changes the second job goes away. The same happens in real estate. It is one of the reasons that the fall out rate for new agents is in the 90% range. People think It is something that can be done well on the side. The truth is, most good agents I know work 10-14 hour days. Not exactly side work. It also is not a job that you can learn in two weeks and be ready to make a career out of it. Every contract is a learning experience and ten year agents ask questions of others on deals just as regularly as newbies. Heck my managing broker calls the board with questions occasionally and she has 42 years experience. Does that sound like a job that can be done well by someone who does it 6-8 hours a week for all of six months? No.

Part timers don’t depend on the income, so they can blow it off. With the obvious exception of super men and the more super single moms out there, people working a side gig aren’t dependent on the income. What is the result of that? Well when something more appealing comes up, they blow off the side gig. I can’t tell you how many clients I pick up who tell me they left their previous agent because they couldn’t get ahold of them, or they wouldn’t show the clients houses. I even hear from them, ” I think he had another job or something, is this your full time job?”

Which brings us to the big one, and the root of all of these other issues.

Availability. Your life is busy. Finding the time to do all things that go into buying or selling a house is a struggle. Its one of the many reasons you need to use a Realtor to sell or buy a home. So when you see a house online on your lunch hour that you would like to try to see after work before you pick up the kids from grandmas, it would be really nice if you had a way to get ahold of your agent, wouldn’t it. Well if your agent is working a job besides real estate, chances are they are working away all afternoon when you are, and cant take that call, text or email and turn it into the action of scheduling that showing for you, And in this market, it means you are likely to miss your shot. I hope that wasn’t the house of your dreams.

On the other hand, a professional full time Realtor knows this is a lifestyle job, and we structure our lives around the ebbs and flows of the reality of home buyers and house sellers lives. We not only make sure we can communicate with our clients in several convenient ways, we also make sure that we set up or schedules so that we can meet you and show houses on your schedule so you don’t miss that dream home.

So if you see the value in only working with full time, full service Realtors, give Robb a call at 317-657-8059 or email to set up your free buyers or sellers consultation.

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