6 things your Realtor wishes you would remember from your buyers consultation.

When you are dealing with a professional Realtor and looking to find a buy a new home, we will always have a buyers consultation with you… well the actual professionals will anyway. During that meeting we will go over a great number of things with you. Sometimes the amount of information we put out can be overwhelming. Heck the process can be, and that is why you made the wise choice to use a Realtor for your home search. Knowing that, I have decided it would be helpful if buyers had a resource to know what parts of this meeting will help you navigate this process the most.

So here is a list of the six things we most need you to remember from that meeting.

  1. The buyers agent works for you. Yes the commission we collect comes from the seller, but assuming we are working under a buyers agreement, we are both ethically and legally bound to represent your interests. This means my only goal once we begin this process is to help you find and purchase the home that you want, and that I will do everything I can to get you the best deal possible.
  2. Get pre-approved for a home loan. This is huge. Preapproval is required buy a great number of sellers to accept an offer. Having a preapproval is the difference of days between seeing the house and making an offer (if you want it accepted). Those days represent time that someone who is pre-approved could be making an offer and getting it accepted on the house of your dreams. I want you to have that house…so lets suet ourselves up for success by getting that mortgage preapproved.
  3. Be specific in your wants and needs for your new home. I give my new clients homework assignments. I ask for a list of everything you want in a new home. I also ask for a shorter list of the things your new home must have. I will work very hard to find the home that suits you best. Because I don’t want to waste your time showing you houses that don’t meet those needs, please make these lists so I can best serve you.
  4. The companies I refer you to are for your benefit. A lot of clients are suspicious of these referrals, because quite frankly they assume real estate agents use certain companies to receive financial benefit. The truth of the matter is, when I refer a company (be it a home inspector, title company, home warranty, lender, or any other) it is because I trust that company to deliver the same level of service that I want to give you and to actually to move your home purchase towards closing while protecting your interest. That is the only measurement I use. Believe me, your great customer experience and future client referrals are WAY more valuable to me than the $50 gas card or occasional lunch I may get from a vendor.
  5. Get a home inspection! This isn’t usually an issue, as most people understand the importance of caveat emptor. Just in case you think you don’t need one though…you do. Even if its a cash purchase on a home you plan to rehab… a thorough inspection can save you tens of thousands of dollars. This also isn’t a place to go cheap… Sure cousin Billy started a company (and he may be very good, I don’t know Billy), but this is likely the single largest purchase you will ever make; protect it. Saving $50 to use someone that hasn’t been referred (either by your Realtor, other real estate professional, or a past client of that inspector) is a good way to get a useless report back with a bunch of excuses why they didn’t inspect certain elements of the home. Skip dinner out one night this month and pay the difference. Your investment deserves it.
  6. Title Companies keep office hours. This one is one of the reasons that this is my topic this week. We always tell clients this at the buyers consultation, but by the time I and my lender partners and other real estate professionals get you nice and spoiled with our evening and weekend showings, our mid dinner phone Q&A’s, and being there for you whenever you need us… well an understandable expectation builds up. This is the one time we need you to be available, during bakers hours…and with about four days notice. Closings happen midday and during the week. I would change it if I could…because organizing a closing is like herding cats with attention deficit issues… but I can’t.

Yes there are a bunch more things we will tell you about during the buyers consultation, but everything else we can easily go back over as we navigate the process. If you keep these in mind and work with your Realtor, I assure you I will give you a great customer experience.


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