Thought Experiment: Fixing Gerrymandering

This is a straight stream of consciousness piece….meant to throw some ideas out there while I sort through them.

The issue is gerrymandering.

It has happened pretty much the entire time we have had a Constitution.

It keeps people from being properly represented…if they even can be.

So how do we fix it?

The first thought I want to throw out is letting a computer algorithm determine the districts. No input other than population and location.

The positives of this method would be that the only way to cheat this system would be to physically relocate people…or hack the program which would be provable.

The downside is that it would probably result in similar disenfranchisement of voters to what we experience now with rural and urban voters mixed to advantaged/disadvantaged positions based on the ruling party. The difference being, no one would control the mix.

The second idea would be to have the major parties literally “pick” alternating districts, by drawing their own lines and capturing the allotted number of persons per district. 

This is function something like this. Dems control the House of Representatives, so they go first. Start in the north west corner of the state, and outline the area. The Republicans would then start at a point attached to the first point and do the same. This would go back and forth until complete.

The advantages of this system would be based on their interests, the parties would be likely to group people in a way where that individual districts interests were more homogenous than the current system allows.

It would also preserve our adversarial system, which I think is the sole reason our Republic functions as well as it does.

The negative, and this is a big one, is that districts would still be manipulated by dirt bags on both sides of the aisle.

In conclusion, I don’t really have one…other than I am not real impressed by my parties proposal for a commission, other than it at least acknowledges the problem exists.

Chew on your ideas on the matter and bounce them off people. Who knows we might just end up with a better republic.

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