The shut down and the wall.

First off, I just want to say how I can’t believe this is something still happening, and that it hasn’t been cleaned up yet.

Moving on, why is it happening to begin with?

Here we are. A funding bill that originated in the last Senate, with all of Mitch McConnell’s funding daydreams in it; has now passed the House. Because it cleared the Senate last term, it has to pass through the Senate again. Mitch won’t even let them vote. I don’t know what Trump is using to control him, but it is working.

At any rate, so if all the Republicans funding dreams (minus the wall) are in the bill… all of this comes down to the Republicans want funding for the wall, and they are willing to destroy the Republic as we know it in order to accomplish that.

No, that is not hyperbole. You see, the Republic functions based on our Constitution. If our government is going to build this wall, a law has to pass Congress, the Senate and be approved by the President in order for that to happen. That law will include funding provisions for the wall.

Instead of using that process, the President has seized power that does not belong to the executive branch. He has literally decreed that there will be a wall whether the nation wants it or not.

Presidents have always tried this to various degrees. What is scary here is that the Congress (the Senate leadership specifically) is not defending its rights.

So here is what I am asking. Whether you want a wall or not, talk to your Congress people. Remind them that there is a process. Ask them to preserve the Republic and use the process in place.

And then Reopen the damn government.

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