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Universal Basic Income / College Debt

So I am going to make some assumptions in order to launch into my idea for the day. The first is that the reader understands that college debt is a major issue, that a well educated population is of great … Continue reading

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Corporatism VS Capitalism

This article is going to match up with my tradition of a bit of rambling, and just throwing out ideas. The reason for it, is that when I am talking about economic justice issues, and some of the reforms that … Continue reading

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Happy May Day!

Today is the day where we honor the workers of the world. Of course the media doesn’t talk about it anymore. They have grown too subservient to the billionaire class that owns them. And those people know how dangerous it … Continue reading

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Excellence. Does it still have value?

Does Excellence still have value? It almost seems like a stupid question. Hell if you had asked me a week ago, I would have told you that it was. Then I was on a widely read internet forum. The particular … Continue reading

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Medicare for ALL – emphasis on ALL.

Medicare for ALL The power of amalgamation OK. Todays rant is going to start with three assumptions. (I view them as realities, but you may disagree so please just accept the premise for now so I can make the point … Continue reading

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Potholes in Indianapolis

I am going to go off my normal vague book, concept script and talk about something very specific today. The nightmare that is the pothole crisis of Indianapolis. I am not just going to bitch about them though. I am … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown

It is hard to fathom the amount of damage that will be done to our economy by even the shortest government shut down. Already there are articles about studies and experiments that were being conducted, that are now tainted by … Continue reading

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