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Populism, LEAN management, and the Scientific Process.

For those of you who don’t know, LEAN management is a organizational method which relies heavily on team building, group decision making, and making sure all parts of a process have input and accountability in that process. My opinion of … Continue reading

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What is racism?

I know that a title like that is just begging for trouble. In todays climate, it is a really effective way to piss off pretty much everyone. The thing is, in order to make progress in any space, it is … Continue reading

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Considering Wealth

Should Billionaires even exist? So I am going through my social media feed today, and I run across a nice little article about a billionaire in England that is buying up land to create preserves. My first thought was awesome. … Continue reading

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Christmas of Frustration

When I conceived writing like this again, the concept was to delve into deeper thoughts and to discuss the undercurrents of what I see happening in the world…and maybe put some of my own philosophical ideas to print. I am … Continue reading

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The Notion of Snowflake

Are we hyper-offended or overly aggressive? So for the last several years, the term snowflake has been dancing around the news, social media, and tavern conversation. Recently it has reached a fever pitch, because people are getting up in arms … Continue reading

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