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A husband, Dad to 5, and Grandpa to 9. US Navy Vet. 18 Year Postal Employee turned full time Realtor. I enjoy a wide variety of things, but you will find that here I mostly write about Indianapolis, government/politics, recent news, and whatever book I am reading or have just finished at the moment.

Populism, LEAN management, and the Scientific Process.

For those of you who don’t know, LEAN management is a organizational method which relies heavily on team building, group decision making, and making sure all parts of a process have input and accountability in that process. My opinion of … Continue reading

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Fixing the Electoral College

That title alone will start fights with both sides of the aisle. The right of course declaring that nothing is wrong with the Electoral College and the left pointing out that for the fifth time in American history we have … Continue reading

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What is racism?

I know that a title like that is just begging for trouble. In todays climate, it is a really effective way to piss off pretty much everyone. The thing is, in order to make progress in any space, it is … Continue reading

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Political intelligence.

On of the most frustrating things about being politically active in this new hyper communicative internet age, is that so many people are becoming involved in the conversation at once…after decades of people not discussing politics because it was considered … Continue reading

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Time to repeal the 17th Amendment?

Is it time to return to the State House’s appointing US Senators? My answer is a resounding yes. I will go a step further and say that the 17th Amendment never should have happened, and is one of the biggest … Continue reading

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Thought Experiment: Fixing Gerrymandering

This is a straight stream of consciousness piece….meant to throw some ideas out there while I sort through them. The issue is gerrymandering. It has happened pretty much the entire time we have had a Constitution. It keeps people from … Continue reading

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The shut down and the wall.

First off, I just want to say how I can’t believe this is something still happening, and that it hasn’t been cleaned up yet. Moving on, why is it happening to begin with? Here we are. A funding bill that … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown

It is hard to fathom the amount of damage that will be done to our economy by even the shortest government shut down. Already there are articles about studies and experiments that were being conducted, that are now tainted by … Continue reading

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Considering Wealth

Should Billionaires even exist? So I am going through my social media feed today, and I run across a nice little article about a billionaire in England that is buying up land to create preserves. My first thought was awesome. … Continue reading

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Christmas of Frustration

When I conceived writing like this again, the concept was to delve into deeper thoughts and to discuss the undercurrents of what I see happening in the world…and maybe put some of my own philosophical ideas to print. I am … Continue reading

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