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So during last nights Democratic Presidential debates, it was pointed out that many illegal immigrants pay into SSI and they pay property taxes. While the SSI thing is just as true as the property tax thing, I don’t understand the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Congress

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hill: I write to you today, to offer you encouragement on a couple of ways that I believe you can most efficiently do you work and improve our nation. I will begin with the Senate. … Continue reading

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Universal Basic Income / College Debt

So I am going to make some assumptions in order to launch into my idea for the day. The first is that the reader understands that college debt is a major issue, that a well educated population is of great … Continue reading

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Post Pride Thoughts

So Pride came and went without the wrath of an angry Judean God. There wasn’t too much ideocracy action, and what there was has been thoroughly mocked, as it should be. What I find troubling is the one place in … Continue reading

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Reforming jury selection

Lets start with full disclosure. I am really annoyed right now because I may be stuck on a jury for a week, during the busiest time of the year in my business. To make matters worse, I am independent and … Continue reading

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