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Schools and standardized tests.

While I was reading about the success and failure rates of public, charter, and private schools; I noticed a huge debate about testing. What it comes down to is roughly this. How can we accurately measure the success of an … Continue reading

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The failure of charter schools.

So from the title, you can probably figure out that I am not in the pro charter school camp. It’s nothing personal, and even if they were more successful I would be against them. Why? Simply because they take funds … Continue reading

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Public defense.

Todays thought experiment was brought to you by Kamala Harris’s plan to expand pay for public defenders to equal what prosecutors are paid. Now I am sure that a portion of the people who stumble across this little blog of … Continue reading

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That was close.

So I sat down here today, and started to write about abortion. The reason for it is that three states passed rather draconian anti abortion laws in hopes that the newly conservative supreme court would kill Roe V Wade. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Corporatism VS Capitalism

This article is going to match up with my tradition of a bit of rambling, and just throwing out ideas. The reason for it, is that when I am talking about economic justice issues, and some of the reforms that … Continue reading

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Happy May Day!

Today is the day where we honor the workers of the world. Of course the media doesn’t talk about it anymore. They have grown too subservient to the billionaire class that owns them. And those people know how dangerous it … Continue reading

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