Volatile markets and poor leadship

I haven’t been beating up on our President of late…because he does so much negative stuff that I feel like I am not being fair sometimes.

The thing is, I am being perfectly fair, and I have no doubt history will remember the Trump Presidency as one of the most shameful in the history of American Presidents.

This week he has been doing an excellent job of proving right every person that said his early economic successes were just riding the coat tails of President Obamas policies. Don’t argue @ me about it…..read the stock charts. Steady rise from 2009 (and O inherited a market bottom) right through 2018. Since then the markets have bee volatile to say the least.

At any rate, in an effort to “super heat” the economy and force growth the deal artist showed is business acumen by starting multiple trade wars at the same time. And he did it with some of our biggest trade partners.

The EU showed they understand our pain and have been patient with him….but not so much with China.

As a result of the tariffs he has placed on Chinese goods they have retaliated in kind and are no longer buying ANY crops from the US. Preferring to trade with their fellow giant rogue state, (and Trumps true loyalty in my opinion) Russia.

And now the markets are really starting to feel the costs of these efforts.

In the last month the DOW has fallen 1300 points (a 4.8% slide) with almost 2.4% (624 points) disappearing yesterday.

The good news for those worried about a crash is that market has substantial support around  Dow 25000. The bad news is that is another 2.5 % down AND if it breaks through there, it will be below the half point of a recent inverted head and shoulders and then market emotions will likely correct to the tune of a 15-20% (give or take at 21000) drop.

OR maybe Trump is the genius that he pretends to be and this is all gong to turn around.

Genius or Moron, his economic legacy will be decided before Thanksgiving though. Of that you can be sure.

On the poor leadership piece – I got to rambling about the numbers and I almost left this part out….even though its WHY I wrote this article.

What kind of bullshit “boss” rather than leader talk is “US companies are hereby ordered”?

Another reason to have zero respect for this clown. Also, this isn’t N Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, or any of the other dictatorships you envy. This is America. We have free markets…kind of. There was a time that was the most important thing to Republicans. What happened?

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Flat Earth Society

Yesterday I said I would be releasing another flat earth shirt and writing a quick piece about that concept, and its place amongst conspiracy theories, “in a few days”. Well, I felt like mocking something so the shirt released today…and I am going to be very frank about flat earth theory.

As for flat earth theory’s place amongst conspiracy theories… it is so weak it almost doesn’t even belong. A good conspiracy theory has just enough truth to it to sound plausible. Enough to make you question a previous held idea. Heck, the really good ones are based in so much truth that it is only an absurd idea or two that stands between them and reality.

Don’t get me wrong. Most conspiracy theories are such obvious BS that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes research and or critical thought to dismantle them. Flat earth takes that to another level. The notion of them calling it flat earth science or flat earth research is laughable. Flat earth can only be called a theory in the lay sense, as it has no basis for a sound hypothesis, and its most basic tenets are easily disprovable by a 9th grade physical science student.

Even if you ignore the shadow on the moon. Even if you ignore the fact that a large percentage of our communications are based on satellites. (This is a big one for me because as I Radioman in the US Navy I had to adjust our satcomm antennae  and it is done with an azimuth chart, readings from our navigator, and mathematical formula. I have literally done the math that proves the world is round on a large scale, from hundreds of different locations and using multiple satellites.) Even if you ignore the fact that we have been navigating by the stars (that are also allegedly faked) for hundreds of years. Even if you ignore all the photos taken from space and the upper atmosphere. Even if you ignore all of that…and lots of other anecdotal evidence. It is a simple matter to prove that the earth has a curvature.

You can either do this by using the horizon and a tall object as a measuring stick as you move away from it, or you can use a laser and try to point it over a large distance measuring its height from the ground. (Flat earthers have done this on video and it is on you tube). Either test will show the curve definitively.

But I am not here to make the case. I am definitely not here to argue with flat earthers.

They are not worthy of that. They are only worthy of derision and mockery.

That mockery I deliver with two designs. (three shirts as one is split between dark and light prints).

The first and second is a flat earth map circled by a famous quote from a prominent flat earth researcher. (who shall remain unnamed because he is already more famous than he deserves.)

There are Flat Earth Society Members all around the globe.” black pint


There are flat earth society members all around the globe” white print

The new shirt is the really fun one though.

You see some flat earthers have gone so far down the rabbit hole that they have created a whole other theory to explain how space is faked.

The concept is basically that the flat earth has a huge dome over it where images of stars and such are displayed by NASA … and the moon and sun are lights that are dangled from it as light sources.

So basically these clowns think we live in a giant snow globe.

So whenever you doubt your intelligence. Just remember there are people out the who believe that earth is a snow globe. The irony of the top of the snow globe being arched and therefor the earth isn’t flat even by their standards is so ridiculous that I can’t believe I just typed it….and that it doesn’t occur to them.

But at any rate, here is the product that will allow you to mock these people without talking.

“Welcome to the Dummy Dome”  T Shirt

You can order any of thee shirts just by following the links. Also, don’t forget you can now get these designs as buttons or stickers. Feel free to send them to flat earth scientists everywhere.

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Conspiracy theories.

Some of the best fun out there is to go down conspiracy theory rabbit holes.

I have been known to spend whole days wasted in a you tube abyss finding out some crazy thing that other people believe.

What is really fun to me, is just doing thought experiments on the possibilities and trying to figure out what the grain of truth that spun whoever came up with the full blown theory into mental chaos.

For example. With all of the experimental aircraft we have flown over the southwest while testing it, it is no surprise that people believe that there are aliens being kept in area 51. Hell I won’t even judge that one to say its not true, with the caveat that we all agree that if it was true, D Trump would have blabbed it all over the place by now.

Then there is the fake moon landing talk. Folks, with a decent telescope you can actually see artifacts left behind by the astronauts. It is too easy to disprove that crap to believe it.

Another good one is all the crazy directions that people go with new world order talk and how the IMF is manipulating world leaders. I mean as far as that goes…its basically true. At the same time its not run by a secret Jewish Cabal (or at least I don’t think so) and it definitely is not run by lizard men….or is it.

Speaking of which, crypto zoology is the reason for this article.

The one type of conspiracy theory I LOVE is cryptozoology. I won’t go as far as saying I believe….but I love the concept of Bigfoot, and I really enjoy all the ridiculously dumb shows about people looking for him.

And that is why the two shirts I am putting up on here today exist.

We will talk more in a few days about some other nuts conspiracy theories….flat earth believers specifically.  But you have to wait, because I have a second shirt for it…and I will post the article when I post the other shirt.

At any rate, here is” I want to believe” printed on a bigfoot print, and one that shows bigfoot in the woods flipping us off that says, “Bigfoot is real, he is out there, and he wants you to leave him alone.” Followed by a PSA about how you should petition the fish and wildlife service to add him to the endangered species list.

As always you can click the links to order.

And then ” I want to believe“.

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Cheshire Cat

Almost everyone who enjoys fiction, enjoys Lewis Carroll. “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the looking glass and what Alice found there” are darlings of the literature world ad their stories have been adapted to a wide variety of media.

One of the most popular characters in those books is of course the Cheshire Cat. Somewhere between wise and wise acre, this mentally and visually unstable feline manages to be both a hero and a foil to Alice….and sometimes in the same paragraph.

One of the things I have found interesting with Cheshire, is his philosophical ranting. My favorite line being one you don’t see quoted nearly as often as some of the others.

“Let your need guide you behavior. Suppress your instinct to lead… Pursue Rabbit!”

Just “let your need guide your behavior” is the part I focus on. I think it amuses me because it reminds me of Aleister Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”. My petty mind assumes that Aleister grew up reading Carroll and adopted the philosophy there. (which show you just how ridiculous my mind/humor can be at times).

At any rate, since no one ever uses that quote, when I decided to do a Cheshire Cat shirt, I did.

So let your need to have this shirt guide you to follow the link and buy one. haha.

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Todos somos Americanos

If you have been around here for more than 10 minutes, you know that I am beyond being pro immigration.

The irony of my position, is that being a liberal in many respects…my formal position on immigration doesn’t make sense. It is difficult (if not impossible) to have a bureaucratic centralized government that just allows people to come and go from the country AND keep balanced books.

That isn’t an issue because in my idealized view, we should have a sales/value added tax (with a sliding scale for luxury items) in lieu of income tax…so who lives where would not affect the income side of our governments balance sheet.

The other irony of my position is that it is a basic tenet of libertarianism and so called natural rights.

Man is free to travel as he chooses (by natural law) and to choose his leader (if he chooses to be led) by his own accord.

So that is the long and the short of that.

Which brings me to another one of my tee shirt designs.

Besides being essentially an open borders person (I do think there should be check points to screen for security threats and known criminals so don’t @ me), I am also very much a “team” guy. My, then my family, then my friends, then my neighborhood, my city, my state, my region, my country and so on.

That so on would include my continent, then hemisphere, and finally the planet.

I don’t know why we lost the ideas of the Monroe doctrine…and using those ideas as a method of preserving the peace and tranquility of our side of the world. But I want them back.

I want us to reinvigorate the idea that was affects Americano de Sud, affects us in the US, and it behooves us to build strong relationships with our southern neighbors.

I want us to remember that we are all Americans. Todos somos Americanos.

And that is why I designed this particular shirt.

You can order this shirt here.

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The image that got me designing tee shirts again.

There are some images that have a profound affect on you.

Some of them you don’t even realize they have an effect on you until years…or in this case, decades later.

For me it was  refrigerator magnet that was at our house when I was a kid.

It was pretty simple, an all black magnet with orange and grey highlights. Most of the “drawing” was lines of raised surface. The image was an owl swooping down at a mouse. The mouse held a revolver in one hand, and was flipping the owl off with the other. Underneath it said, “That’s confidence”.

I have no idea what happened to that magnet. But that image has been burned into my head since the first time I saw it.

I have tried to draw it several times over the years….with varying success. It turns out owls are hard to draw. Owls swooping down on prey are especially hard to draw.

Then several months ago I gave it a whirl as a pointillist ink piece. It didn’t turn out bad, and others liked it better than I did.

But I didn’t draw the gun in the mouse’s hand, and I moved away from “that’s confidence” as the saying. Instead i called it “give a rats ass”. The idea being kind of a summary of who I have grown to be and how I have approached most things in my life.

When I want to do something, I think it through. Sometimes I think it through and realize it may not be worth the trouble it will cause. Sometimes I realize that and do it anyway.

When I was younger (and the No Fear! thing was trending in the 90’s) I always said “no fear/no regrets”. A simple philosophy that life is meant to be lived and the consequences are what they are. I can’t say that this philosophy has always served me well. Some of the consequences have been gut wrenching. But when I see other people frozen and afraid to do anything, I know I am living exactly how I want to.

And I think a lot of it comes from that simple magnet.

It is weird how little things affect our lives.

At any rate, the pointillist piece was going to be a shirt…but it didn’t transfer to web art very well. So I did the artwork over again as web art. Then reduced it to a printable image.

Then I put a saying on it, that should have been there all along.

I present you.

“No quarter asked, none given.

You can get this shirt at my Tee Public Store here. 

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Catching up.

Well it has been a month since I wrote anything here.

With all of the chaos from the shootings over the weekend, I don’t think I can add much to that conversation. But the quick summary of my views is:

  • I love and own a bunch of guns. We need serious reform to our gun laws.
  • These recent shootings are acts of terrorism and they are being carried out by decentralized white nationalists who are being emboldened by our President and his divisive speech. That’s not up for debate.
  • The root of the political impasse that is preventing any action to resolve this goes back to Moscow Mitches desk AGAIN. There is a House passed gun reform bill there he wont even allow to be debated.

Prior to all of that, it has been a huge month politically.

Two Democrat debates have demonstrated 5 likely candidates…but some of the undercards are getting good screen time form the debates. It looks like the DNC, baby boomers, and Corporate press are gonna shove Joe Biden up our ass regardless of what we want. Truth be told, he will be a fine President if nominated and elected…. but he falls short on Medicare for All and financial regulations in my opinion. Still, he will be a marked improvement over what we are doing now.

Mueller testified…and it was downplayed as expected. If Trump isn’t impeached he will be charged after leaving office. Who knows if that ever goes anywhere.

On a side note, I have started doing t shirt designs. There is a link to my shop in the right column (Madman Graphic Designs). So far my designs cover the topics of the US Navy, Radioman, Trump, Todos Somos Americanos, Heredity (the movie), Midsommer, Crab Rangoon, Alderaan being a false flag, Charles Manson and Charlies Angels mash up (in honor of the release of “Once upon a Time in Hollywood”, The USS Niagara Falls, a Chesire Cat, Big foot, Area 51, the Illuminati, No Quarter being asked, Mosquitoes, Pugs peeing on things, Indianapolis Indiana, Yeeting, and the Tomatina Festival.

So as you would expect, as diverse and eclectic as the rest of my mind. Give it a look at Madman Graphic Designs.

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An executive order on affordable housing.

So our President slipped something across his desk nice and quite about two weeks ago during a bunch of hub bub.

The surprise of it, is this is something I think needs to be done.

He followed the SOP though, he is doing it wrong and for all the wrong reasons.
So what he did was sign an executive order forming a white house council on affordable housing… much needed right?

But he doesn’t blame material costs (inflated by tariffs) or falling wages for the working class (largest wage gap since the depression). No he wants to deregulate. What types of regulations?

  • Rent controls (you know laws that keep rent low. (not sure that helps)
  • Building and rehabilitation codes (You know the laws that require a certain level of foundation strength, material quality and standardization of buildings that make them safer to live in)
  • Energy and water efficiency mandates. (probably will reduce cost…but a problem of a higher magnitude will be worsened)
  • Wetland or environmental regulations (are you surprised. Housing issues aren’t caused by a lack of space and we need greenspace)
  • Manufactured-housing regulations and restrictions (more shoddily produced trailers are not a positive solution for anyone but shoddy trailer producers)
  • Complex labor requirements (You know, requiring that plumber plumbs, and a licensed electrician wires the house…this stuff is done wrong too much with licensees.)

That’s what I mean by wrong. Instead of identifying the root causes of affordability…stagnant wages and artificially high material costs, he wants to do things that will result in housing that is:

  • less safe
  • a worse investment for buyers
  • degenerative to the environment
  • will further lower wage levels (by pushing out licensed contractors)
  • and erase rent controls that by definition keep rent low.

How can you support that? And this is one of the best things he has done.


Obligatory link to the executive order itself.

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So during last nights Democratic Presidential debates, it was pointed out that many illegal immigrants pay into SSI and they pay property taxes.

While the SSI thing is just as true as the property tax thing, I don’t understand the hustle there as well so I am just going to talk about the property tax side.

Anyway, one of my Realtor friends had a real problem with the notion that they paid property taxes. I was not overly clear if he doubted the statement or was just mad that it happened…so I approached it as though he doubted it.

Basically what happens is the illegal alien works under the table and lives in what is essentially a group home with other illegal families. When they have saved enough cash to BUY A HOUSE OUTRIGHT, they have one of their friends who is here legally (either a citizen or someone on a visa) purchase the home for them. Sometime they even take the extra step of making it look like they are making the purchase for them legally and put their name on the house as a foreign investor, but usually the house stays in the name of the person making the straw purchase.

Here is the neat part. They don’t want noticed. All they want to do is raise their children and live a decent life. So they pay their taxes. They take care of their homes. On top of that, they tend to buy up run down neighborhoods and build up the businesses. This is why you see clusters of Hispanic restaurants, bakeries, churches and groceries all over town.

So now we have this thriving community in areas that used to be impoverished shit holes, with thriving businesses and a growing tax base.

Besides the fact that I believe in natural rights (in the sense that Jefferson spoke of them, not the BS people are chucking around now) and think that people have the right to travel freely and choose their own nations, the benefits of these new neighbors FAR outweighs any burdens that come with them.

The value they bring to the community earns their ticket, if the hardship they suffered to get here isn’t enough.

It won’t be long at all before they are accepted like every other group that was vilified on arrival. So lets get ahead of the curve and create real paths to citizenship and get back to building a great nation.


Or at least that is how I see it. Chew on it some and see what you come up with.

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An Open Letter to Congress

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hill:

I write to you today, to offer you encouragement on a couple of ways that I believe you can most efficiently do you work and improve our nation.

I will begin with the Senate.

Senator McConnell. You could start by just doing your job, and release the over 100 bills that the House of Representatives have sent to the upper chamber and allow them to be debated or even voted on. Sure, it is the Majority Leader’s job to set the agenda…but you aren’t doing that. You are doing the same thing you have done since you first lifted the gavel. That is to say you are doing nothing. You are an obstructing force in government that prevents anything from happening. Well unless you or your family can profit from it. If you are not willing to participate, and perform the duties you were elected (by your constituents and your party), then you should resign.

The Senate Democrats. Speak on this every day. Every chance you get to be on the floor speaking, call the Majority Leader on his bullshit and demand that bills are brought to the floor for debate. When you aren’t able to do that, keep writing bills and doing the work you do.

The Senate Republicans. If you want to keep your seats…fire Mitch McConnell. The graft he is receiving is well known. He has basically made himself an accessory to Trumps misdeeds and history will remember him for that. Do you want to go down with them? What they are doing does not represent conservative ideals. It is past time for them to go. And when you pick a new leader…make it someone who will do the job. I am sure you guys would rather have a vigorous debate over the issues than pretend nothing can be done, and spend your time and efforts covering up a gross criminal conspiracy.

As for the House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi. I am not a fan, but I see your long game. Even knowing that Impeachment is not a realistic option with the Senate taking the low road these days, you recognize that the slow burn of constant investigation will damage Trump badly. Keep it up. Also, I love that your Congress continues to churn out bills that are progressive in nature and for the benefit of the people. Just be sure to start talking about them (and listing/detailing them so the people know what Mitch is stopping) in time to help in the general election.

The House Republicans. Guys, you sound like dipshits during every hearing. There are legitimate ways you can challenge these investigations….but trying to make every single witness against the President sound like they are the problem will eventually come back to bite you. I ask you how you want history to remember you just like I ask your Senate colleagues. Also, while you aren’t dong as much of it as I would like to see….the fact that there is some bipartisan work still coming out of the House is beautiful to me. Our nation benefits most when our laws are balanced…and we can’t have that if everyone doesn’t work together some.

The House Democrats. I know you feel like everything you do is futile right now. You are investigating a crime that will likely never be prosecuted in Congress, and you are writing and passing Bills which will probably never see the Senate floor. Keep doing both. Those two actions are going to do more to determine this nations near term fate than pretty much anything else you can do. So keep your heads up and keep doing what you are doing.

Bonus round for the 23 odd Democrats running for President. If you are not polling 5% or better 3 days after the debates this week, it is time to leave this race. AND PLEASE, I BEG YOU TO RUN FOR SENATE IN YOUR HOME STATE.

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